• 3 Nasty Pests That Adore Rubbish Bins

    Do you make sure that the inside of your rubbish bins are clean once the garbage collectors have emptied them each week? If not, then you run the risk of attracting some nasty pests to your bins in the near future. And although they may be small, they can still wreak havoc in and around your home. Summer is on the horizon. Warm weather means more insects. If the inside of your bins hasn't been cleaned in a while, it won't be long before the following pests take advantage of the situation.
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  • The Big Clean-Out: When a Deceased Loved One Was a Hoarder

    Compulsive hoarding is more of a problem than you might think. It's estimated that up to 6% of the population suffer from some form of hoarding disorder, and it goes beyond neglecting to give your home a thorough clearing out and all the way to being psychologically unable to dispose of items which have no intrinsic value in a person's daily life. And yet, the condition is often served up as entertainment in reality shows and comedy shows.
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