3 Nasty Pests That Adore Rubbish Bins

Posted on: 19 September 2019


Do you make sure that the inside of your rubbish bins are clean once the garbage collectors have emptied them each week? If not, then you run the risk of attracting some nasty pests to your bins in the near future. And although they may be small, they can still wreak havoc in and around your home.

Summer is on the horizon. Warm weather means more insects. If the inside of your bins hasn't been cleaned in a while, it won't be long before the following pests take advantage of the situation.

House Flies

Your rubbish bags contain millions of bacterial organisms, of many different strains. While your bins wait to be collected each week, these bacterial organisms multiply as they feed on the waste in your bins. One of these strains could be E.coli, a type of bacteria commonly found in the gut. If this species of bacteria gets into your home, it could make you very ill.

Unfortunately, houseflies feed on rubbish. Therefore, if your bin bags are overflowing with liquids and waste, the residue will remain behind in the bin and could serve as food for roving houseflies. If these flies then make their through an open window and into your home, they will contaminate its surfaces with bacteria. If you then encounter those surfaces, you could fall ill.


A smelly bin will also attract the attention of cockroaches. In Australia, the German cockroach is especially adept at invading homes and breeding out of control. Your bins are never far from your home. That means that if your bins attract hungry cockroaches, those cockroaches may then make their way inside your home in search of water and other tasty treats.

All it takes is one pregnant cockroach, and your home could end up with an infestation in a matter of 3-6 months.


Every year, as summer begins to draw to close, sugar-hungry wasps begin to plague parks, barbecues and back yards all over Australia. This is because the sugar that was once so abundant in their nests is depleted. This means that your bins could become a target if they contain residue from rotting fruit or sugary drinks. The last thing you need is for your bins to become a wasp magnet!

Hire a Bin Cleaning Service to Clean Your Bins

Are your bins in need of a good clean? Consider hiring a bin cleaning service, such as Kerbside Clean-A-Bin, to clean your bins once a week or twice fortnightly. A bin cleaning service will usually clean your bins after the bin men have been. This will ensure that your bins don't give off an odour that brings pests.