Will Hiring Commercial Cleaners Help You Financially? Four Questions to Consider

Posted on: 3 April 2015


If you run a business, you need to ensure you are not overspending, but in some cases, extra expenses such as hiring commercial cleaners are actually an investment into your company. Wondering if outsourcing your cleaning makes financial sense for your company?

To help you decide, check out these four questions:

1. Do You Pay Your Employees a Higher Hourly Rate than You Would Have to Pay Commercial Cleaners?

Having your staff take care of your company's cleaning needs can make sense in a lot of cases, but in other cases, it may hurt you from a financial standpoint. To assess the financial reality of your situation, call a few commercial cleaning companies and gather some quotes.

If you are paying your employees more per hour than you would pay a professional cleaner, it may make sense to outsource your cleaning needs.

2. Do You Have Enough Cleaning to Warrant a Full-time Janitor or Cleaner?

If you have a lot of cleaning in your factory, office or facility, you may just want to hire a full-time professional cleaner. If your cleaning needs are extensive enough, this could be a smart financial move and a better option than hiring a commercial cleaning crew.

However, even if you have enough cleaning to create a post internally, you still have to consider the costs related to hiring someone. Once you calculate taxes, insurance and other employment costs, you may save money by outsourcing your cleaning.

3. Do You Have Risky Areas That Need Cleaning?

Hiring cleaners isn't just about the potential hourly savings. It is also about the job that needs to be done. Even if you have your employees doing vacuuming or scrubbing bathrooms, there may be areas that are too risky for your employees to clean.

For example, if you have high windows, stairwells or other potentially dangerous areas to clean, you may want to have a professional take care of those spots. Not only do they have the skills and equipment to ensure it's done properly, they also have the insurance policies in place to ensure you don't face a bill if someone gets hurt.

4. Are Your Employees Taking an Excessive Number of Sick Leave Days?

If your employees are excessively calling in ill, it may be because your office has poor air quality or too much dust. Having a commercial cleaning crew clean your office on a regular basis can help with these issues, and ultimately, that may save you money.