Spring Clean Your Retail Business With These Ideas And Tips

Posted on: 10 April 2015


Just as private homes can benefit from "spring cleaning" so too can commercial facilities. In particular, if you run a retail business, consider scheduling a deep cleaning seasonally. Whether you deep clean your own shop or pay a commercial cleaner to do it for you, here are five elements you should clean:

1. Carpet

You probably have cleaners or employees who vacuum your carpets once a day, but at least once a year or every season, you should also have your carpets steam cleaned. Move everything for this deep cleaning. This is the time to find those spills and dust bunnies hidden under shelves, tables and fixtures.

If you have hardwoods or any other flooring beside carpet, just move and clean under everything during your seasonal deep clean.

2. Upholstery

While you are steam cleaning your carpet, take a look at your upholstery as well. If you have cushy chairs for customers to sit in as they look at books or wait for their friends to try on outfits, you should deep clean those as well at least once a year.

Vacuum all upholstery thoroughly and then steam clean it.

3. Everything Up High

Chances are your customers are looking at your inventory rather than your ceiling, but at least once a year, you should make an effort to clean everything up high. This type of deep cleaning is especially critical if you hang banners or merchandise from your ceiling.

Grab a ladder and a dust rag or have a commercial cleaner do it for you, and clean your light fixtures, crown molding, ceiling beams and anything else that's up there.

4. Exterior

While deep cleaning the inside of your retail shop, don't forget about curb appeal as well. If possible, hire professional cleaners to pressure wash the outside of your building. This seasonal clean should get rid of cobwebs on your exterior as well as dirt or debris that has built up in the pavement cracks outside your storefront.

5. HVAC System

Cleaning the inside and outside should just be a portion of your retail establishment's seasonal deep cleaning. You should also clean the "guts" of your operation as well. Have an HVAC pro or a commercial cleaner change your filters and clean your AC and ductwork.

Although this last element of deep cleaning won't directly impress your clients, it will make the air in your facility cleaner, helping your employees and customers with allergies. It will also make your system more efficient, saving you money on energy costs. For more information or advice, contact cleaning services