How to Maintain a Hygienic Working Environment with the Help of Cleaning Contractors

Posted on: 22 May 2015


For business owners and managers, the most important considerations at the work place often revolve around productivity, sales and customer satisfaction. However, you should also be concerned about how hygienic your workplace is. After all, an unhealthy working environment will still affect productivity if your staff members are unwell.

Customer satisfaction, too, will be affected if your premises are dirty and unattractive. To ensure your workspace is clean and customer-friendly, seek cleaning contractors for the following services.

Janitorial services

Without much doubt, toilets can be regarded as the most unsanitary areas at the workplace. They hold bacteria and germs that could easily spread to workers. This is also contributed by the fact that, unlike other work areas, everyone at the workplace visits the toilets several times each day.

A cleaning team can sanitise this area by cleaning the walls, floors and the toilet facilities using disinfectants and professional detergents. By maintaining clean toilet areas, you will also drastically reduce re-introduction of germs back to the work areas by people coming from these facilities.

Trash removal

Another area that can lower the hygienic standards of your workplace is trash. This entails trash at the workstation, cafeteria and trash bins. Trash not only carries harmful germs, it can also invite pests and flies into your workplace. A cleaning contractor will clean-up after the sanitation process by placing all your trash in bags before carrying out a removal. They will also clean your trash containers and fit new trash bags for future use.  

Sanitising germ-prone areas

Apart from the obvious areas detailed above, cleaning contractors understand that some of the dirtiest areas at the workplace are hidden in plain sight. This includes every-day use items like door knobs, phones, computer keyboards as well as printer, fax and photocopier buttons. Your cleaning team will pay special attention to these areas by wiping them with detergents and special cleaners.

Cleaning general areas

In addition to the above, your cleaning contractor will also clean the general areas in your workplace. This includes furniture, floors and the windows. This will get rid of dust, grit, hairs, loose cloth fibers and other dirt agents. A general cleaning will also improve the aesthetics within your workplace and the quality of air in it.

Cleaning contractors have the expertise and the right materials to create a sanitary working environment for you and your staff. To ensure your working premises remain hygienic all through, you can subscribe for a daily, bi-weekly or a weekly service depending on the condition of your workplace.