Still Going To The Dry Cleaners? Try Out Mobile Wash & Fold Services

Posted on: 1 July 2015


If you're still going to the dry cleaners to get your clothes washed, perhaps you haven't heard about mobile wash and fold laundry services. Now, dry cleaners are bringing their services closer to home, literally. Instead of you going to them, they come to you. They drive to your home to collect your dirty clothes, wash them and return them to your premises in the evening or the next day. Sounds interesting, doesn't it? Read on to learn more.

Benefits of mobile wash & fold laundry services

So what's so good about mobile wash and fold laundry services? Convenience galore:

  • Maybe you're sick or not up to doing the laundry for some other reason. Whatever it is, this service eliminates your need to make the trip to the dry cleaners. They'll come pick the clothes right from at your doorstep. This saves you time and transport costs. More importantly, it means you can focus on other more important things like working, resting or looking after your family.
  • Always forgetting to collect your clothes? This happens to many people. You take your clothes to the cleaners and you forget to pick them up. Now you're left with nothing to wear to work tomorrow. With mobile wash and fold laundry, this will never happen. Your clothes get returned same day or next day. You can even have them delivered at your work place.
  • Don't have a dry cleaning outlet near you? No need to put yourself through too much trouble, leave it to the mobile service team. As long as you're within their operational zone, they'll save you the hassle.

Who is this service ideal for?

Anyone can benefit from this laundry service but especially the following people:

  • Those without a clothes washing machine.
  • Those with faulty washing machines or clothes driers.
  • Anyone too busy to handle their laundry personally.
  • The elderly, sick or physically disabled.

What's the full range of services provided under this service?

Mobile wash & fold provides a raft of services, not just cleaning. Some of these services may include:

  • Dry cleaning – Your clothes are washed and dried by a professional team.
  • Folding – Your clothes are neatly folded before delivery.
  • Ironing – There's an optional ironing service that could entail an extra charge.
  • Pick-up and delivery.

If you feel that this type of laundry service could make your life a little bit easier, look for a business like Get It Done in your area.