Four Reasons You Should Hire Emergency Carpet Cleaners When Someone Vomits on Your Floor

Posted on: 13 August 2015


If someone throws up on your carpet, you should consider booking emergency carpet cleaning. Whether you are taking care of the carpet at your home or in your place of business, keeping it clean can affect how it looks and how healthy your environment is. Here's why you should address vomit as soon as possible with professional carpet cleaning:

1. Germs can stay in carpet for weeks

When someone throws up, they typically have some sort of intestinal germs. These bacteria can cause other people to get sick, and popular to many misconceptions, they do not die after a few minutes on a hard surface.

Actually, many germs can live in a carpet for up to four weeks or more.That means that your carpet can make you, your family or your guests sick for months after the original episode.

2. Your vacuum can harbour bacteria and germs

There are several ways to clean up vomit, and almost none of them are fun. In some cases, you may apply a desiccant to the vomit, and then, when everything dries, you vacuum it all up.

Whether you opt for this cleaning method or any other approach, any time you vacuum that area, germs and bacteria will be introduced to your vacuum. When you vacuum in the future, those germs can be blown out of your vacuum onto the carpet. However, if you opt for emergency cleaning, you keep your vacuum away from those germs so it doesn't harbour them.

3. Heat kills many germs

Unfortunately, if you try to clean up vomit on your own, many of the bacteria grip onto the carpet through a process called microbial adhesion, and your cleaning efforts may do nothing to remove or kill them.

However, if you hire an emergency cleaner, they will have the heat you need to kill the germs in your carpet as well as deep brushes and powerful suction to remove those germs.

4. Stains can set quickly

If someone vomits on your carpet after eating certain foods, the vomit can create an extremely hard to remove stain. For example, curry with lots of turmeric in it can create yellow stains, while red wine can create red stains.

So that you remove those stains before they set, contact an emergency carpet cleaner like Hercules Carpet Cleaning to remove them right away. In some cases, these professionals can even give you advice over the phone about pre-treating the stains while you wait for them and their equipment to arrive.