Steps to DIY Persian Carpet Cleaning

Posted on: 3 December 2015


The only way to ensure that you maintain the beauty of as well as increase the longevity of your Persian carpet is by employing proper cleaning techniques. It is recommended to have these carpets tended to by professional carpet cleaners once in a while. However, if you would like to engage in some surface cleaning, here are some DIY steps to doing so.


The first step in Persian carpet cleaning is to gently vacuum the whole rug. This will enable you to remove all the loose dirt that may be on it. It will also enable you to eliminate some of the dirt that may have accumulated on the fibres of the rug but have not yet embedded themselves into the carpet. This step of the cleaning process should be done in the same position that the rug is regularly in.


The next step in the carpet cleaning process would be to make a soapy solution. All you would need to do this is a bucket, some warm water and mild detergent or shampoo. Mix the warm water and your detergent of choice in the bucket until it becomes a soapy solution. You can then take a sponge and dip it in the solution. Use the sponge to scrub the Persian carpet gently. Ensure that you do this scrubbing in the direction of the carpet's nap rather than in a back to forth manner. You should start at one end and work your way to the other side.


The next step of the cleaning process is to brush the rug. Use a brush that has soft bristles to avoid damaging the delicate fibres of your carpet. Dip the brush in the same soapy solution that you had made to use with a sponge. If the soapy solution is finished or if it is dirty, you will need to make a fresh batch using warm water and a mild detergent of your choice. As with the sponging stage of carpet cleaning, you should brush the rug according to the direction of the nap. Start from one end of the Persian rug and brush it gently, making your way to the other end.

Rinse and dry

To rinse your Persian rug, you will be required to run a generous amount of cold water atop it. You can choose to use a hose to do this or, if the rug is small enough, you could hold it under the shower until all the soap has been eliminated. If your Persian carpet is big, it is suggested that you get a squeegee to squeeze out the residual water. Proceed to place the rug on a clean flat surface where it can air dry without disturbance.