Clean Machine | 3 Clever Tactics To Convince Your Local School To Hire Your Commercial Cleaning Business

Posted on: 9 September 2016


When you run a commercial cleaning business, you'll want to maximise your profits by building a strong client base. Schools are a great target because they need regular cleaning to ensure that they remain healthy environments for young kids. But getting a school commercial cleaning contract can be challenging. Equip yourself with these clever tactics to convince your local neighbourhood school to hire your cleaning business –– it could be the start of more to come.

Make Sure You Have Working With Children Checks (WWC)

If you want to strengthen your chances of winning the commercial cleaning contract at your local school, show your commitment by proactively attaining working with children checks in your state. Even if you don't come into direct contact with children during after-school cleaning sessions, a WWC check is a good way to convince the local school that you're the right person for the task. WWC checks are generally conducted to review your history in the national criminal database. Every state has its own application process. For instance, in NSW, the Office of the Children's Guardian handles the WWC application process. In Victoria, the Justice and Regulation department handles applications for WWC.

Find Out When The School Cleaning Contract Is Up For Renewal

Once you're armed with your WWC checks, find out when old school cleaning contracts are up for renewal. You may want to start planning meetings with the school administrative staff well before the contract is renewed to negotiate the opportunity to present your commercial cleaning business services. When meeting with the school administrative staff, be attentive to their requirements and show them how you could exceed their expectations through strong referrals from other child-related centres. The key thing to remember is to stay patient and persistent. Even if things don't go your way now, there's always a chance that you could have the opportunity during the next renewal –– as long as you maintain contact with the school's administration.

Highlight Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Methods

When you clean school property, you must ideally use products that are not harmful to children. If you're really serious about convincing your local school to hire you, then you will want to offer environmentally-friendly and non-toxic cleaning solutions to ensure that children remain healthy. Ingredients like ammonia in cleaning products can sometimes trigger allergies and rashes in children, so highlight your eco-friendly and non-chemical cleaning methods when pitching your commercial cleaning business services to the school administration for greater success.