Quick Guide to Removing Limescale Around Your Home

Posted on: 15 January 2018


Does seeing a milky-white deposit building up on your taps, surfaces, and appliances drive you crazy?

Limescale is a little tougher than ordinary dirt, and it needs some special treatment if you want to remove it correctly. While simple scrubbing might remove deposits eventually, there's a risk that whatever you're cleaning will get scratched.

For a safer solution, you'll need a dedicated limescale removal product or a substance like vinegar or lemon juice. These products break down the calcium carbonate that makes up limescale, allowing you to easily wipe deposits away. Keep reading for a full guide.

1. Tiles and Surfaces

Grab a cloth or sponge, and dip it into diluted vinegar or lemon juice. Next, scrub gently, and you should notice the limescale coming away from the surface much more easily than it would with water. For tough buildup, leave it to soak for a few hours before scrubbing.

2. Washing Machines

Did you think removing limescale from your washing machine would be a nightmare job? Think again. Simply pour a cup of lemon juice or vinegar into the detergent compartment, then switch it on for a full cycle. Your machine will soon be gleaming again, and all without any scrubbing!

3. Kitchen and Bathroom Taps

Taps can be pretty tricky to clean at the best of times, and limescale makes things even more awkward. The best methods involve keeping your cleaning product in close contact with your tap for several hours.

Try soaking cotton wool in lemon juice or vinegar, then placing it around the edge of your tap, making sure that no little nooks are left behind.

For the ends of your taps, try a trick involving pushing half a cut lemon onto the tap, then leaving it for an hour or two. Once your soaking time is up, gently scrub the taps to remove any remaining limescale.

4. Kettles and Coffee Makers

This is another easy fix which won't take long. Simply half-fill your kettle or coffee maker with lemon juice or vinegar, and leave it for an hour. Next, fill your kettle to the top with water, and leave it to boil. Pour the liquid away, and say goodbye to your limescale at the same time!

Be sure to rinse carefully to remove any trace of vinegar or lemon before your next drink.

Are you tired of dealing with limescale? This tricky deposit doesn't have to be a nightmare to remove—just follow the techniques above using the right products. Contact a company that sells cleaning chemicals to learn more.