Services Offered by Carpet Cleaning Companies

Posted on: 7 May 2018


There are a number of services provided by carpet cleaning companies. These services are aimed at satisfying your general home cleanliness/hygiene. Carpet cleaning technicians are trained to cater to multiple areas of your home and to consider the health of your entire family, including your pets.

This means that the carpet cleaning products that they use are designed to be safe and effective. The following are some of the services offered by carpet cleaning companies.

Professional Carpet Cleaning of course!

Carpet cleaning companies specialise in expert carpet cleaning, using the latest technologies. Their equipment allows for removal of carpet spills and oily residue. If you have a pet, they not only steam clean the urine stains, but they also take care of the pet odour that is brought about by the ammonia in the urine.

Carpet cleaning services also use baby safe products, making it safe for your children to play around in your carpet without risk of infection. Some companies offer fabric protectors that cover every fabric on your carpet. These have protective layers that keep liquids from making stains on your carpet.

Full Tile Cleaning

Apart from your carpet, cleaning services can also get your bathroom and kitchen looking brand new. Most tile cleaners take away the shine of finishes in the tile, giving it a yellowish, worn out look.

Carpet cleaning technicians not only work on maintaining the wax and finish on your tiles, but they also scrub the grout out from in-between your tiles.

Upholstery Cleaning

Carpet cleaners are trained to work on any type of fabric. Because of this, they also offer furniture cleaning services. They use safe and successful cleaning solutions that care for your furniture and make it look brand new!

Stone Care/Hardwood Floor Services

Natural stone and hard wood floors get scratches and dents. Carpet cleaning companies offer surface maintenance services such as conditioning. While this does not remove the dents and scratches on the floor, it does restore the shine and removes dirt and residue. This applies to kitchen backsplashes, showers, counters etc.

Air Duct Cleaning

Nowadays, most homes are constructed to be energy efficient. One of the ways this is achieved is by making the homes air tight, allowing for more efficient heating or cooling. Air ducts may end up getting clogged up by dust, mould and pollen over time. Carpet cleaners can clean up your air ducts and get rid of these allergy-causing contaminants.