Important Questions to Ask a Residential Rubbish Removal Company

Posted on: 23 July 2018


If you will be doing a major cleanup of your home or property, you might want to hire a residential rubbish removal company to take away all that waste. Getting a trailer and bringing rubbish to a local dump can be difficult if you're not used to towing something behind your vehicle, and access to a city landfill may be more expensive than you realise! When you are ready to start shopping for a rubbish removal company, note some questions to ask so you choose the right company for your needs and know how their service operates.

Ask what they can recycle and how to help with that process

When performing any major cleanup on your property, it's good to consider how much of your rubbish can be recycled rather than assuming it should all go to a landfill. A good residential rubbish removal company will recycle many different types of materials, including plastic and even furniture items.

You might also ask how to help with that process; the removal company might request that you use open containers rather than putting rubbish in bags or sort items according to recyclability. Whatever the case, the more you do to prepare your residential rubbish, the more likely the removal company can recycle those items. They may even give you a price break for recyclable items, so it's definitely worth asking about!

Ask how much advance notice they need for a pickup

When hiring a rubbish removal company for a one-time cleanup job, it's good to ask how much advance notice the company needs for a pickup. They might not be able to come out the same say as being called, or you might need to call them several hours ahead of time. 

This can be important to note, as you might have assumed that you could simply perform a cleanup of your property and then call the rubbish removal company for an immediate pickup. However, if they need more than a day's notice, you may wind up with mounds of rubbish outside your home for a day or even longer! Not only is this very unsightly, but all that rubbish can become home to bothersome pests. This can also increase the risk of the rubbish getting scattered in the wind, and it may even be prohibited by your city. Always ask about the notice needed for a pickup, and if the removal company will need a longer lead time for more rubbish so you can plan your cleanup work accordingly.